About AIRP

AIRP – alliance of independent regional publishers, including 63 regional publiching houses in Russia. | Have a look at the Map of AIRP members.


Uniting regional press in Russia aimed at developing it as a necessary institution of civil society, coordinating efforts on protection of freedom of speech in the country, exchanging experience and protecting corporate interests.

AIRP goals:

- defending interests of regional publishers;

- supporting freedom of speech in Russia;

- participating in formation of media business standards;

- influencing development of media industry in Russia, formation of professional environment for media business;

- lobbying regional press interests;

- developing of interaction among independent regional publishers;

- legal, juridical, information support to regional publishers houses;

- improving access to the market of printed media for every member of AIRP;

- organizing cooperative education (workshops, seminars, trainings, distribution of information materials and etc.).

Alliance of independent regional publishers unites today:

- 63 regional publishing houses;

- 145 publications, both weekly and daily.

Total circulation is over 5,8 mln copies, including about 2,5 mln copies of information newspapers.

All AIRP members share principiles of quality press, develop their business in correspondance with ethical norms, have an honoured reputation on the market and are respected by readers.

AIRP organized and participated in the following programmes of media development in Russia:

 - NIE (Newspaper in education): WAN project is realized in 30 countries and is aimed at promoting cooperation among publishers and schools, where teachers can use newspaper as an extra tool.

 - Development programme for small media markets: together with New Eurasia foundation, AIRP supports development of independent quality newspapers in the regions of Russia.

 - Best Regional Newspaper: the annual contest is organized by New Eurasia foundation together with AIRP, and is supported by WEF and ICFJ.

 - Best Newspaper Design: the annual contest is organized by New Eurasia foundation together with AIRP, and is supported by the international society for news design, SND.

 - Partner education programme with FOJO media institution: the programme is supported by the Swedish agency, SIDA. In 2011 the schedule includes trainings in Sweden and Russia, and webinars. The programme is aimed at developing independent media and adopting them to the current conditions.

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